Sleepover & Live-In Care

Our caregivers will stay awake, monitor overnight, and prepare breakfast.

Big Hearts Home Care understands the needs of elderly individuals and strive to ensure they are given the exact amount of support they require to stay in the comfort of their own home. In some cases, that may mean just a few hours or days of the week. In other cases, it may mean live-in care from our caregivers; while in other cases it may mean sleepover for one night or more. To get started, email us at [email protected] with your inquiry or call us at (778) 788-5578 or (604) 614-7149.

We are happy to offer around-the-clock assistance to seniors in need of live-in services. When this level of care is required, we make sure to provide support from our most highly qualified caregivers. This means you or your loved one can remain at home with total peace of mind and assurance.

Live-In care can provide round-the-clock presence of an experienced caregiver. These services help persons remain safe and secure at all times within their homes. We will discuss with you the different options for live-in-care to determine the best-suited and most available solution for your loved ones.

Sleep over & Live-In Care is needed in certain situations such as:

• Post-surgery or hospitalization situations
• Specific diseases that cause mobility & other safety challenges
• Individuals who suffer motor vehicle accidents and are bed ridden

How is Live-In Care performed?

Caregivers remain at the client residence for as long as the client needs help. We can provide one or more caregiver to cover 12 and 24 hour shifts.

During the shift the caregiver perform the following tasks:

• Assistance with both personal care and daily living tasks
• Assistance with medical regiments & household safety
• Regular updates to family members

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