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Pedicuring for seniors, Toenail cutting for seniors, toe nail cutting service for the elderly, toenail cutting for seniors near me, in home nail care for seniors near me, Home care assistance Vancouver, Home nurse Vancouver bc, Home care service near meDue to metabolic and circulatory issues, the skin becomes thin and fragile leaving it very susceptible to injury and infection. The skin on the feet often becomes dry and rough making them susceptible to infection through micro-lesions. Corns and calluses may be prevalent on pressure points causing discomfort and possibly pain when walking. Loss of fat pads on the ball of the foot is typical with aging feet potentially causing pain. Nails frequently become dark and thickened and often have onychomycosis with separation of the nail plate from the nail bed.


  • Complete a thorough skin and nail assessment before starting the pedicure
  • Gently cleanse the foot for 3-5 minutes in warm, not hot water using the Foot Soak
  • Pay attention to the skin between and under the toes
  • Take care when moving the ankle and toe joints so as not to push beyond their range of motion
  • Use Softener before working on calluses and nails
  • Take care when trimming nails and when skin is fragile. Reduce thick nails with an electric file for comfort
  • Gently clean the nail groove and free edge
  • Use a mousse product for a gentle foot massage and hydrating the skin
  • When massaging the leg, use Massage Formula and gentle effleurage working upwards towards the knee

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