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Big Hearts Home Care has been taking care of my 90 year old mother-in-law for the past 6 months. They provided companionship at night. They have done a marvelous job. I highly recommend them.

Louise Hendriks

Our family was exhausted. My father was in and out of hospital 35 times over a period of 3 years. However, since your service began providing homecare over a period of 5 months and ongoing he has not had one single hospital admission. The Big Hearts team worked with great patience to make sure he was matched properly. My family is very grateful.

Amanda Boggan

Big Hearts is outstanding. We have called on them a few times on very short notice  and they have been there. They have driven my mother-in-law to appointments, are always on time, caring, thoughtful and considerate. Their service was beyond my expectations. Their rates are fantastic as well. Thank you for everything!!

Jeannie Wilson

Big Hearts have sent care aides each night to stay with my mother who is suffering from dementia. We had tried out two other companies. One thing that set Big Hearts apart was management personally introduced the care-aides. The care-aides have been professional and caring. Thank you for helping our family through this difficult time.

Paul Hendriks

Big Hearts Homecare has removed the pains and strains of going through the recovery process on my own. Their team of professionals have provided outstanding round the clock service. I am extremely impressed with their care and support. One can really tell that they are here to help. I have recommended them to my friends and family without hesitation.

Scott Butterfield

We had very quick turnaround getting our terminally ill father out of the hospital and home. The Big Hearts team was extremely flexible and the care-aide was very compassionate and earned our Dad’s trust right away. She was also very knowledgable and helped my brother and I immensely with how to care for him. We couldn’t have done it without Big Hearts Home Care.

Lorri Petrie
Big Hearts Home Care 2

Five Stars for Big Hearts Home Care for going above and beyond when called to assist in the care of a family member. Fatma and Big Hearts caregivers were kind and compassionate as well as professional. The daily updates they provided were very helpful and I would not hesitate in recommending Big Hearts to anyone who may require their services.

Bonnie Petley

We availed ourselves of the services of Big Hearts for two weeks after major surgery. We were very well served for sure! The administration and staff were well versed in how to assist; the care aide worked hard and took time to be interested in what we liked to do; she was kind and caring as well as able to suit our needs each day. Thank you to all – we have already referred other families to you!

Margaret Fraser

Our families interaction with Fatma and her staff was wonderful. We had a lovely experience with our care aide. She was so kind and gentle and caring with Dad. She was a great daily companion for him for almost a month. It was a great deal of help for my siblings and I. Just knowing he was cared for during the day while we were all at work made things so much easier.

Teresa Higo

Excellent care for my wife Christine who had recent hip replacement surgery. Our care aide was patient, kind and most helpful. We will call on Big Hearts Home Care when the other hip surgery gets done later in the year and hopefully Rehab will be available then too! Thank You!

Ray Beaulieu

During a very difficult time, the Big Hearts team was super caring and supportive to our 92-year-old mom and gave us the support we needed. Pricing is reasonable and we really liked the care workers who were thoughtful, flexible and really had “big hearts”.

Fiona Jackson

I can’t speak highly enough about the Big Hearts team. Our caregiver went above and beyond in caring for our mother. Her kindness and dedication was exactly what our mother needed. She helped us with so many difficult situations and put our minds at ease every time. Thank you Big Heart for your kindness, dedication and amazing ability to help those in need. 

Sean Tip

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