Developmental Disabilities & Complex Care

Our services for individuals with developmental disabilities and complex health care needs are offered in-home through our educated, experienced and compassionate health and home care workers.

Our services for individuals with developmental disabilities and complex health care needs include:

Home sharing or live-in support
Home making
Support coordination
Skill development
Respite care

Personalized Support at Home

Some individuals can live independently in their communities but need a bit of support to develop specific skills and manage their own home. Our services can help these individuals and include home sharing, home making, support coordination, skill development, and respite care for family caregivers. These services are offered to increase the individual’s involvement and contribution to the communities they live in, all while maintaining the individual’s integrity and treating them with utmost compassion. The care recipients can be children, youth or adults.

Complex Care Support

For families, these services are integral to their health and well-being. Whether it’s a short break to get much-needed rest, or a vacation to get away, our respite services give primary caregivers a chance to relax and enjoy time to themselves. This is integral to support family stability and reduce stress. All caregivers and health care workers undergo a thorough screening process and home studies to ensure safety. A personalized care plan is produced to determine the individual’s needs and goals and how best to achieve them. Families are given the opportunity to meet their respite caregivers before service.
Please speak with one of our intake specialists to determine your care goals and the services we can tailor to fulfill them.

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