April 15, 2022Jennifer

When it comes to in-home care services for seniors, there are plenty of reasons to choose this type of care over other options available on the market today. In-home care is the most economical option for families. It offers a more personalized and comfortable experience for seniors. It can help seniors live independently at home […]

April 15, 2022Jennifer

It can be difficult to find the right home care overnight caregivers for elderly loved ones. Helping ensure that your loved one is receiving the best possible care, while also ensuring their safety, can be a daunting task. But with the right tips, you can make the process much easier. A high level of trust […]

December 2, 2021Jennifer

Knowing what to look for with in home services for seniors can help you bring peace of mind and hope to your loved ones.   Senior home care services are an important consideration for seniors. Seniors may need help with basic activities of daily living, such as cooking, cleaning, dressing, and bathing. They may also […]

December 2, 2021Jennifer

Discover if overnight care in Vancouver is right for you or your loved one.   Overnight senior care and live-in care services are necessary for many seniors in British Columbia and the surrounding region.   Those who are unable to live on their own, even with the help of family members, can live at home […]

October 5, 2021Jennifer

When you first find out that someone close to you has Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, it can be a shocking and upsetting experience. And if the person is your spouse, parent, sibling, grandparent–or even yourself–it can be overwhelming. You may feel like there’s nothing you can do but stand by and watch […]

October 5, 2021Jennifer

Palliative care is a specialized medical service that aims to improve the quality of life of people diagnosed with severe illness by alleviating their symptoms and dealing with emotional, social, spiritual, and practical difficulties. Specialized palliative care involves doctors, nurses, psychologists, and other specialists working together as a team to help relieve the stress of […]

July 29, 2021Jennifer

Homecare in Vancouver, BC, is a growing industry. Home care services provide assistance with household chores and personal care to seniors who cannot live independently due to illness or disability. With all the benefits that come with hiring a home care service in Vancouver, there are many reasons why you should consider this service for […]

July 29, 2021Jennifer

Across the globe, individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia struggle to find care and support for their condition. Dementia is a chronic neurological disorder that affects cognitive functioning, including memory, language, organizational skills, and other mental abilities. Those who have dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease often find that they are unable to function without […]

June 15, 2021Jennifer

As individuals age, it can become challenging to manage daily tasks and maintain a quality of life as one’s physical and mental capabilities deteriorate. Many family members want their loved ones to continue living an independent life in their home but may begin to worry for their safety as they age. To help address the […]

June 15, 2021Jennifer

For those advanced in years, the aid of professional in home care services for seniors can be a life-changing experience. When those we love find that they struggle to make it through the day due to age or medical-related issues, the situation can feel hopeless. Fortunately, there is a solution. Senior home care is the […]

May 7, 2021Jennifer

While there is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, there are plenty of methods that can help those suffering enjoy their quality of life. Read on to learn more from Big Hearts Home Care. At Big Hearts Home Care, our team of experienced and compassionate in-home care professionals helps individuals who are suffering from the […]

May 5, 2021Jennifer

Are you trying to navigate the world of elderly care services? Learn more and understand your palliative care options near you with the article below. As senior home care and palliative services providers in BC and Alberta, we often receive questions about the differences in care services for those in need. Particularly, we often speak […]

May 11, 2020Jennifer

With so many seniors and friends with special needs unable to leave their homes during COVID-19, we have decided to offer complimentary grocery delivery. Simply send us the details of your order and our volunteer caregivers will pick it up, sanitize it, and drop it off at your door. Priority is given to those who […]

March 12, 2020Jennifer

While the coronavirus outbreak poses health risks for everyone, officials have made clear that the elderly are particularly vulnerable. At Big Hearts Homecare we prioritize the health and safety of both clients and workers. COVID-19 is a serious health threat and while the risk of transmission varies between communities, the risk to Canadians is still […]

March 12, 2020Jennifer

Seniors in BC who need help with the activities of daily living (such as bathing and dressing), as well as those who need assistance with the instrumental activities of daily living (such as preparing meals), have a number of options. Some seniors living in Vancouver choose to move into an assisted living facility where aides […]

October 16, 2019Jennifer

When it comes time to take care of your elderly loved ones, you want to be sure that they are handled with care, love, and patience. While it may be stressful at times, you must also keep in mind that it is not easy for them to become dependent on you or others for their […]

September 21, 2019Jennifer

What is palliative care? If you have a life-threatening condition or a serious illness, palliative care can: help improve your quality of life reduce or relieve your physical and psychological symptoms help you have a more peaceful and dignified death support your family and those you care for while you are dying and afterward This […]

September 2, 2019Jennifer

Your loved one is getting discharged from the hospital, so what is next? This Fact Sheet will look at the keys to a successful transition from hospital to home, explain some important elements, offer suggestions for improving the process, and provide caregivers with checklists to help ensure the best care for a loved one. If […]

August 20, 2019Jennifer

It’s normal for people to experience some foot problems as they age. But experts say that problems with feet can be the first sign of more serious medical conditions, particularly among older adults. Health problems, such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve issues, and circulatory disorders, may first be manifested in the feet. That is why it […]

August 12, 2019Jennifer

As we age, certain everyday activities become difficult. We may not be able to perform easy tasks such as cooking, cleaning and even bathing. Safety also becomes a concern as we get older. Besides forgetting to take our daily cocktail of medications, we may have trouble getting out of bed, or we could slip and […]

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